Grace Water Prayers

by Simon Llewelyn Evans



This marks his third full length album. Simon has creatively offered a beautiful collection of his songs to the world once again, with the help of Naamleela Free Jones (recording artist) and Dave Steel (production and musical accompaniment). Enjoy.

Review of "Grace Water Prayers" (2012)

You can live in the heart of a metropolis and conceived by themselves, indifferent to the world. You can live on an island in the middle of the Pacific Ocean and feel deeply connected with the whole of reality. The decisive question is never the circumstances, but the opening of the look: Simon Llewelyn Evans knows that the remote beaches of Fiji continues to share his music beyond the borders. Geographical or interior to be.
Thus, the third full length for the thirty-three songwriter Australian "Grace Water Prayers", comes from a network of relationships that can jump over the gap. It looks like its more direct and communicative album ever. A good reason to take advantage of the fact that, for a limited period, the disc will be on offer on Bandcamp with the formula "name your price." In the middle of "Grace Water Prayers" is a triptych of songs anticipated by the Evans 'Last year the ep "Keeper" .
Songs that beats the figure of his master, Adi Da Samraj, and reflects the impression of life in the hermitage of tropical Naitauba. "In these songs there all my life," says Evans. "Sometimes singing about things that have happened to me or people I have not known. But when I sing to him, everything is real. And I think that it is easy to perceive. " Initial "Blessed" written by Evans after the death of Adi Da in 2008, takes its cue from the words of his master, citing a meditation dating back to the early eighties: "Did you hear That wind begin? / And let all of you, all my devotees / All over the world / Begin to dance That will purify humanity. " The presence of Adi Da, moreover, also permeates the music of Evans beyond the verses, since the registration of the thirteen episodes of "Water Prayers Grace" was extricated with the help of Free Naamleela Jones, youngest daughter of the guru of the "transcendental realism" as well as a classically trained musician. To characterize the sound of the record, however, , is above another collaboration: the one with the Australian bluesman Dave Steel, who was in charge of weaving the robe of the demo sent to him by Evans.The plots are more rough sound, the pace of rippling rhythms more pronounced. The enveloping voice of the songwriter Australian, in songs like "Ocean Of Mercy" and "Stringing The Garland," opens in melodic variations that are reminiscent of Joseph Arthur and more essential. And the revival of "My Ghost", released as a single in 2011, lapping with the warmth of his harmonic sensitivity Jon Foreman solo.

Alongside the latest tracks (the romantic "Garden" at all), "Grace Water Prayers" contains many traces remain long in the drawer. This is the case of "Where Did Ya Go?" Significantly closing the disc by Evans and dedicated to the memory of his mother, who died when he was just thirteen years old. At the center is the most simple and inescapable question: "Where did you go, while we were all there? / Where did you breathe in your next breath?". There are no easy answers: there is only the awareness of a bond that can not be broken, and everything that leads to unity: "I know at heart, you've grown in the Self / And his glance was for me , and it was for you. "

Everything is won by a deep sense of gratitude to the beauty of reality. "Vinaka vaka levu" in the vocabulary of Evans, are the most precious words of the language of Fiji. The words to say thank you.
(15/03/2013) - Ondarock Magazing, Italy.

"Simon’s music has a deeply relaxing effect on the mind and soul of the listener. His music written in the company of Adi Da resonates deeply in my heart, as his carefully chosen words and harmonies come from the heart of his contemplation and depth of his process with his Guru. It is a gift to be able to share this with others in a way that can communicate beyond the mind directly to the heart of the listener. In this way, Draw Mountains There has a healing effect on the listener. A sense of home that’s native to every human being emanates from its simplicity."
- by Felix Woldenberg

Simon Llewelyn Evans, was born in Melbourne, Australia in 1980.

He was raised near the Barwon River in Victoria, Australia by his loving mother and father. At the age of eighteen, he moved to Melbourne. At the age of twenty-four he travelled towards the deep South Pacific ocean to live on a sacred island of Spiritual Blessing and practice on the Koro Sea. He remained there for three years.

Simon returned to Australia in December 2007, and worked to create his first album, which consists of songs he wrote on the island on the Koro Sea. He is based near Warrandyte in Victoria, Australia, and the Fiji Islands. He works with nylon string guitar and voice. He is “Draw Mountains There”. Accompanied by the priestly flavors of Aaron Nakagawa, his island recordings became his first demo, and solo step into the music world again.

He then completed the recording of his debut album “draw mountains There” (2008), with the help of Dave Steel and Tiffany Eckhardt. He is truly heart-grateful for their friendship and loving support. Since then he has released several albums and EPs: “Collaborations by Simon Evans and Aaron Nakagawa (2010), “My Ghost” single release (2011), and “Keeper” EP (2011). "Grace Water Prayers" (2012) was released on the 31st of December 2012. Naamleela Free Jones recorded Evans' guitar and vocals in Fiji, whilst Dave Steel produced and performed all other musical accompaniment in Australia. This is his third full length studio album, and his most recent published work to date.

When Simon began performing in 2008, he did shows throughout Melbourne and Geelong in Australia. Dave Steel accompanied him with his debut album launch shows in Melbourne and Geelong. Most of his shows were solo performances, but sometimes, in Melbourne, some old friends: Ed Nicholson, Pete Nicholson, Andrew Wapling, James Allen, Billi Hannaford, Kate and Michael ‘Josk’ Skinner performed with him. These musicians added violin, percussion, voice and atmospheric guitar sounds to help bring his songs to the people.

Currently, Mr. Evans resides in the deep South Pacific ocean, on the sacred island of Spiritual Blessing and practice, on the Koro Sea, in the Fiji Islands. He is constantly writing and recording new songs, and extending his latest creations via the internet to the worldwide audience he intends his music to reach.

You can listen to and download Simon Llewelyn Evans’ music at:

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You will find all his work there, for your listening and enjoyment.
Vinaka vaka levu.

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Skype: sim.on4

Review of "Collaborations by Simon Evans and Aaron Nakagawa" (2010):
“Another peaceful world, where you get into when you go to "Collaborations by Simon Evans and Aaron Nakagawa" and let you ride on the warm voice and acoustic guitar strumming of Simon Evans. Now this review is written in the northern hemisphere, where it is very cold…. and with the fire crackling – this album will let you fall into an intimate depth, warm and comforted. This record is the ultimate resting place for you to wallow around in intimacy.”
- Blowfish, Rootstime. Belgium.

Review of "draw mountains There" (2008):
“The most sensitive moment is created by the tilte song "Draw Mountains" in which Tiffany Eckhardt's voice meets you as a cooling mountain breeze. Eyes closed, headphones up, you can let yourself be carried away through grass green valleys in the middle of a mountain range that are the guardians of the tomb of the beloved.
With the simplicity of instruments that includes acoustic guitar, subtly supported by mandolin, mouth organ, accordion and a heavenly sounding slide guitar (Dave Steel), he knows how to bring perfect nuances together with the beautiful harmonious voice of Tiffany Eckhardt. Less is often more, and this is what Simon Evans understood very well. This is a strong piece of work for a debut album that will move for sure the romantic souls amongst us.
Do you want to inhale some of the paradisiacal island in the Pacific Ocean, then the buy of this c.d. is worth while. Close your eyes and enjoy.”
– Blowfish, Rootstime Magazine - Belguim.


released December 31, 2012

Simon Llewelyn Evans - writer of all songs, nylon string guitar and voice

Naamleela Free Jones - studio recording artist for Simon Llewelyn Evans

Dave Steel - studio production and all musical accompaniment



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Simon Llewelyn Evans

Simon Llewelyn Evans, was born in Melbourne, Australia in 1980. He was raised near the Barwon River in Victoria, Australia by his loving father. At the age of twenty-four he travelled towards the deep South Pacific ocean to live on a sacred island of Spiritual Blessing and practice on the Koro Sea. He wrote songs there and released his first album in 2008: "draw mountains There". He continues... ... more

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