Leave Your Time

by Simon Llewelyn Evans



Leave your time, for light takes a long time.
Waiting for your mind to come back on the line.
And I was taught, to never lend a bad thought.
Playing off your tounge, you're carrying around.
And Light comes crying, pull me down a line if you want it too, And I know you do.
Coz I have seen, the embodiment of being.
Shining in this dream, yeah you know this is all a dream.
And Lying, hoping, sometimes even knowing it is the truth.
Oh yes, you do.
And Light comes by and pouring down the line and into you.
What did you do?
So leave your time, for light needs no time.
For washing all your mind.
And leaving you sublimed.


released April 4, 2011
Simon Llewelyn Evans - guitar and voice



all rights reserved


Simon Llewelyn Evans

Simon Llewelyn Evans, was born in Melbourne, Australia in 1980. He was raised near the Barwon River in Victoria, Australia by his loving father. At the age of twenty-four he travelled towards the deep South Pacific ocean to live on a sacred island of Spiritual Blessing and practice on the Koro Sea. He wrote songs there and released his first album in 2008: "draw mountains There". He continues... ... more

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