Collaborations by Simon Evans and Aaron Nakagawa

by Simon Llewelyn Evans and Aaron Nakagawa



An artist must have imagination and sense of renewal, not only in the evolution of his work, but also in the production and distribution. Australia's Simon Evans has understood his second album "Collaborations by Simon Evans and Aaron Nakagawa" only available via download. No major problems or costs of issuance and distribution of his album, but using the enormous potential of the Internet get their favorite songs without detours directly on your digital player.
Simon Evans describes his music as spiritual folk who might even have a healing power. I fully agree with the image he creates of his music, because while you enjoy this album and the austere strum his Spanish guitar, sinks such a peace over you that you stepped into another world. This esoteric feeling I had when his first album "Draw Mountains There" was realeased in 2008.
On his second album, Simon is still one step further. He sent his songs to Aaron Nakagawa in Hawaii, and a unique mix created by subtle use of additional instrumentation such as slide guitar, dulcimer and nature sounds was added to his works. Also Simon’s wife: Lady Caroline Lindsay is passed her entrance to the second voice with the didgeridoo initiated "In Me", a subdued song with a Jose Gonzalez feel, which with the sometimes surging birdsongs and rustling grass bring one very close to mother earth and the state of nature , a very important factor in Evans' life. These sounds of nature will return regularly as a witness in the songs of Simon's relationship with the Australian Aborigines and their remaining and eternal roots in the land of Australia.
The album is shrouded in melancholy, which you can immediately taste in the delicate folk ballad "A General Selection", where even a twinkling vibraphone even draw a few tears. The meditative sequence "Candle" digs deeper into the souls with similar sounds such as Damien Rice, and is sometimes brightened by sparklingly clear acoustic guitar notes or dulcimer-like sounds. It is striking how these subtle instruments of contribution will help us determine the atmosphere. He lets in "Long Ago" the birds far in the background singing their song, along with a dulcimer that makes this Leaonard Cohen style song even more fragile. Simon also knows and uses that slowly strolling guitar shuffle that Ani Di Franco made so popular in songs like the dreamy "To Serve His Own", or the percussive strums of "The Rest (Sonnet For A Horse)". The social exlusion of the Aborigines is a deep concern for Simon Evans, and in his homesick-killed manner, in “Wurundjeri Way”, sad, he pours out his soul. A superb follow up to this creed is the gospel-tinged "Warm Things (By Your Grace)" - a warm glow and a Hawaiian feel let you slide down valleys with penetrating guitar, in a song about someone who seeks support from God while preparing for his farewell. The most hypnotic of the whole album sounds is simply constructed… with the repetitive "I Run Each Hand" with its mysterious electronic sounds and a catchy background guitar strumming let you close your eyes and drift away to distant horizons.
Another peaceful world, where you get into when you go to "Collaborations by Simon Evans and Aaron Nakagawa" and let you ride on the warm voice and acoustic guitar strumming of Simon Evans. Now this review is written in the northern hemisphere, where it is very cold…. and with the fire crackling – this album will let you fall into an intimate depth, warm and comforted. This record is the ultimate resting place for you to wallow around in intimacy.
- Blowfish, Rootstime. Belgium.


released January 1, 2010



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Simon Llewelyn Evans

Simon Llewelyn Evans, was born in Melbourne, Australia in 1980. He was raised near the Barwon River in Victoria, Australia by his loving father. At the age of twenty-four he travelled towards the deep South Pacific ocean to live on a sacred island of Spiritual Blessing and practice on the Koro Sea. He wrote songs there and released his first album in 2008: "draw mountains There". He continues... ... more

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