draw mountains There

by Simon Llewelyn Evans



Simon Evans is a case apart. A special phenomenon. When he was 18 he already felt the maturity to leave his parental home in Victoria Australia, to trade for an independent existence in Melbourne. But also Melbourne did not last to interest him, so he decided to move to the direction of the South Pacific Ocean, to immerse himself spiritually on a sacred island in the neighborhood of the diver's paradise in the Koro Sea. Armed only with a Spanish guitar, that\s where he laid the foundation for his first recorrding. Enriched by all those years of meditative training and a mountain of spiritual experiences, he felt it was time to return to the mainland in order to communicate his innermost feelings to the public. Simon Evans is 27 years young at the time he made this debut album, and, in spite of his seclusion in that island removed form all modern commodities and busyness of our contemporary society, he has been remarkably successful, with the support of dave Steel, in creating a very esoteric album that has an almost hypnotic calming effect. In all the simplicity of instruments, which are restricted mainly to acoustic guitar, subtly supported by mandolin, mouth harmonica, a bit of accordion, and a heavenly-sounding slide guitar, he knows how to get the perfect nuances together with Tiffany Eckhardt's voice. Less is often more, and that is what Simon Evans has understood well. Just armed with his voice and guitar, does he let us sink (while supported by the slide's satin-soft sounds) into the intimate text of the opening track, "Woman at a Mountain". Slow and subtle, this song evolves and eroticises a beautiful pair of bodies in embrace. With "Balcony", Simon positions himslef next to a great being as Damien Rice, with a similar color of voice and vocal control. It is beautiful how some sentences are sung in a sighing whispering ending. The most sensitive moment is created by the title song "Draw Mountains There", in which Tiffany Eckhardt\'s voice meets his as a cooling mountain breeze. Eyes close, headphones up, you can let yourself be carried away through grass green valleys in the middle of a mountain range that are the guardians of the tomb of the beloved. This piece has such an intoxicating quality that one does not realize that the only verse of the song is used as the refrain and is repeated twice after the slide guitar interlude, a trick that works very well and also gets a follow up in almost every other following song on the album. In "no Horse" here is just a moment of raising his voice and cooling his anger over a lost romance, but Simon resorts quickly back to his favorite slow and sensual rhythm. To hypnotize the people with a repetitive rhythm and a moving voice, that is his trademark. Sometimes he does not need more than three words to move you as in the Aboriginal "Arun I Chun", but sometimes he erupts sharply and to the point as in "Rotten Pimp Daddy". This is a strong piece of work for a debut album that will move for sure the romantic souls amogst us. Do you want to inhale some of the paradisiacal island in the South Pacific Ocean? Then this cd is worth buying. Close your eyes and Enjoy.
- Blowfish, Rootstime magazine, Belgium


released January 1, 2008



all rights reserved


Simon Llewelyn Evans

Simon Llewelyn Evans, was born in Melbourne, Australia in 1980. He was raised near the Barwon River in Victoria, Australia by his loving father. At the age of twenty-four he travelled towards the deep South Pacific ocean to live on a sacred island of Spiritual Blessing and practice on the Koro Sea. He wrote songs there and released his first album in 2008: "draw mountains There". He continues... ... more

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